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How do I contact viagogo?
We are an online company so we offer customer service online too!

The best way to contact us:

  • Click here to Log in to your account with the email address you used to create your order or listing.
  • Choose either 'My Purchases' or 'My Sales'.
  • Select the order you wish to contact us about and click on the 'Customer Support' link.
  • Choose the question you want to ask.
  • We’ll immediately check your order and give you a tailored answer.
  • For questions where it’s possible to provide a reply from an advisor, click ‘No - Contact Us’ after ‘Did you find this answer helpful?’ and submit your query.
  • One of our customer support advisors will reply as soon as possible.

Help signing in
If you can't remember the email you used, checked out as a guest or have forgotten your password, we can help!

View FAQs
If you don't have an order or listing yet, the answer to your question may be found in our top FAQ's

You may also contact us via email at although we strongly recommend that you log in and contact us through My Account. By logging in, we will have all the details about your order at hand and our advisors will be able to reply to you faster.

Still can't contact us? We want to know why. Please click here to select a reason so that we can improve our service.

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